Sundays with A Tribe Called Quest: Vol. 9

I wish I had more to say about this remix. All I know is, this is one of my favorite flips of a remix. Ever. And after all these years, I don’t even know who Know Naim is. A Google search reveals little.

I know this comes off the Oh My God single (have it on tape, CD and vinyl) that featured a remix of the original. The Know Naim mix is then a reworking of the remix with new verses by Know Naim. It’s 2 minutes, 49 seconds of tight rhymes, with one hot one-liner after another: “I’ll cramp your fuckin’ style / like you ate before you swum.” “They got my back like a Jansport.” “Play like En Vogue because you’re never gonna get it.”

Someone tell me: Who is Know Naim? The credits on the single: “Know Naim is: Snag, Lo and Bay.”

One thought on “Sundays with A Tribe Called Quest: Vol. 9”

  1. this gets a heavy co-sign. i had the cassette. here it’s 2008 and as soon as i put this on i’m rhyming along. the dude bay from the group is featured on the last tribe offering. this is truly dope. me & my dudes thought these cats were going somewheres w/this. i miss u golden era hip-hop. chuuch!

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