Incoming: Reubens Accomplice, Sept. 13

Well, “incoming” is a misnomer, considering Reubens Accomplice is from here (all except drummer John O’Reilly, that is).

However, Reubens has been holed up for quite some time now, recording the follow-up to the great 2004 album The Bull, the Balloon, and the Family. From what I hear, finishing touches are being applied. So my guess is, this Sept. 13 show at Modified is going to feature plenty of a new material.

Nothing new, really, on the MySpace page save for an outtake and an unreleased track. Not sure if either will show up on the new record. On an outdated Live Journal post, Reubens said in 2005 that the record would be called Mammal Music.

Until then, a taste of The Bull.

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