Paul Mawhinney and The Archive

Here’s a brief (seven minutes or so) but thoughtful look at Paul Mawhinney, who owns an astonishing record collection, allegedly the largest in the world. One million albums and 1.5 million singles? “Astonishing” doesn’t even do that justice.

This is inspiring and heartbreaking in its own way, a story that earned press earlier this year when a sale for the collection fell through. Mawhinney appears to break down a bit while listening to John Miles’ Music: “It’s my life’s song.”

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I love the vinyl popping sound near the end when the credits are rolling. Nice touch.

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Paul Mawhinney and The Archive”

  1. That would be a travesty if it was not kept, that should be purchased by the government as an archive… just think of the sampling oppotunites there….

  2. alright man. just to clear up a point and to (almost( quote you…)
    i DO give a damn.
    good on ya. you are my idol 🙂
    jon m

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