Dfactor: Shake It


Phoenix rocker Dfactor is one busy guy.  In addition to ceaselessly recording lo-fi power pop, he maintains a hyper-active blog, Waved Rumor, where he details everything pop-culture, occasionally detouring to deliver charming, curmudgeonly rants about kids at shows paying more attention to their cell phones than the gig.  Like his lyrics, everything he does is blindingly sincere. Buddy-boy even thanks his family for the “time and space to slash” in the liner notes of his new full-length, Slashing the Sunlight.

“Shake It,” the second track from the album is a favorite of mine: two and a half minutes of sloppy, Flamin’ Groovies-via-Guided By Voices pop rock, too brazenly earnest to ever get props from the “cool kids,” but guaranteed to get even the most cynical toe tapping.  You can listen to and download the entire album at his website.

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