Dirty Gold: California Sunrise

Dirty Gold - Roar

I have a California hangover.

We just spent a long weekend in San Diego/Temecula for a wedding, and I had the same thoughts every Arizonan does in the throes of idyllic 70-degree temperatures: How fast can I move here? It’s hard to describe the deflating feeling of driving back across the merciless desert into the awaiting inferno of another Phoenix summer, the temperature gauge in the car mocking you all the while. Granted, those California dreams are quickly tempered by reality – you pay what in rent? – but even in my sunburned state, I dream of summers in which I can wear a sweatshirt at night.

As I attempt to transition back to the real world this week, I at least have this breezy ode to the Left Coast from Dirty Gold to soothe me. The San Diego trio linked up with Autumn Tone Records – headed up by Aquarium Drunkard proprietor Justin Gage – in December and released an EP, Roar, in April – just in time to carry us through the summer.

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