WATERS (ex-Port O’Brien): For the One


I was a latecomer to Port O’Brien, a band whose 2009 album, Threadbare, fortunately found its way to my mailbox during the pre-release promotional push.

And wouldn’t ya know, just when you think you start to know a band, they go and break up on you. But former Port O’Brien frotnman Van Pierszalowski – who kindly let us in on his affinity for Lil Wayne on this site – is moving forward with a new project called WATERS.

On Tuesday, Stereogum premiered the first track from the forthcoming album, Out in the Light, due for release in September.

There was a great frenetic energy to Pierszalowski’s brand of folk-rock with Port O’Brien, and from the sound of it so far, WATERS has even a little more crunch and oomph behind it.

Pierszalowski is on Twitter, so you can stalk him there.

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