Download Editors show in Tempe

A kind taper has made available his/her recording of the Editors’ Feb. 12 show in Tempe at Marquee Theatre, the band’s first Arizona concert. Files are in flac format, which, in layman’s terms, means you have to do a little work to turn them into mp3s. I discovered a free program called xAct for coverting to wav files; then use iTunes for converting wav to mp3.

Here’s the set list from the show:
1 – Camera.
2 – An End Has a Start.
3 – Blood.
4 – Bullets.
5 – The Weight Of The World.
6 – Escape the Heat.
7 – Lights.
8 – When Anger Shows.
9 – Spiders.
10 – All Sparks.
11 – Munich.
12 – Push Your Head Towards the Air.
13 – Bones.
14 – Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors.
15 – You Are Fading.
16 – The Racing Rats.
17 – Fingers in the Factories.

I’m happy to see this available because I wasn’t familiar with the first song after the encore, You Are Fading, apparently a rare B-side (via). I can’t believe this song didn’t make The Back Room cut. Drummer Ed Lay just goes to town on the snare in this one, pretty much fueling the song’s frantic energy.

  • Editors | You Are Fading (live in Tempe, 2/12/08)
  • Editors | You Are Fading (via)

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