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Incoming: Rob Dickinson, Dec. 18


It’s been a little more than four years since former Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson released his solo debut, Fresh Wine for the Horses, but he’s starting to stir – perhaps a sign that some new material could be on the way.

This year, he released a cover of the Smiths’ Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want on his own Carrera Records label. And now he’s booked for a return visit to the Valley on Dec. 18 at the Rogue after he played here in January 2006 and 2007 (both at the former Anderson’s 5th Estate in Scottsdale). Tickets ($12) for the 21-and-over show at the Rogue can be purchased by e-mailing

I captured a recording of the 2006 show that was purely amateur, but I love revisiting it all the same. The 12-song concert – included as a zip file below – was, naturally, heavy on Catherine Wheel material. He can probably never escape that shadow, but I wonder if, four years later, he’ll start to distance himself more from his old band’s catalog.

ZIP: Rob Dickinson, live at Anderson’s 5th Estate (Scottsdale, AZ), 1/26/06 (84.7 MB)

1. Heal*
2. The Storm
3. Oceans
4. My Name is Love
5. Ma Solituda*
6. Handsome
7. Eat My Dust You Insensitive Fuck*
8. Intelligent People
9. Crank*
10. Towering and Flowering
11. Black Metallic*
12. Future Boy*

* – Catherine Wheel songs.

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Bon Iver: Skinny Love (live in D.C.)


NPR streamed a Webcast of the Black Mountain/Bon Iver show Tuesday night in Washington D.C. By Wednesday, a podcast of the Bon Iver set was available.

It’s great timing because I just picked up the newly released Bon Iver record, For Emma, Forever Ago (at eMusic on Jagjaguwar). Well, I know it’s not exactly new seeing as how Justin Vernon self-released it last year, but it’s new to me because I didn’t give it a whirl until just this week. And I’m growing obsessed.

I’m sure all the five-dollar adjectives have been used to describe this one, so I won’t even try. It’s music that moves you, for sure. And I’ve only been able to give it my partial attention. It sounds like a record written that could have been written in the cold, isolated woods of Wisconsin … oh, wait. It was.

Here’s Skinny Love from the NPR Webcast. Listen to the full performance here.

And here’s Vernon performing Flume at 89.3 The Current:

Veron also answered some questions for Muzzle of Bees and My Old Kentucky Blog last year.

Download Editors show in Tempe

A kind taper has made available his/her recording of the Editors’ Feb. 12 show in Tempe at Marquee Theatre, the band’s first Arizona concert. Files are in flac format, which, in layman’s terms, means you have to do a little work to turn them into mp3s. I discovered a free program called xAct for coverting to wav files; then use iTunes for converting wav to mp3.

Here’s the set list from the show:
1 – Camera.
2 – An End Has a Start.
3 – Blood.
4 – Bullets.
5 – The Weight Of The World.
6 – Escape the Heat.
7 – Lights.
8 – When Anger Shows.
9 – Spiders.
10 – All Sparks.
11 – Munich.
12 – Push Your Head Towards the Air.
13 – Bones.
14 – Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors.
15 – You Are Fading.
16 – The Racing Rats.
17 – Fingers in the Factories.

I’m happy to see this available because I wasn’t familiar with the first song after the encore, You Are Fading, apparently a rare B-side (via). I can’t believe this song didn’t make The Back Room cut. Drummer Ed Lay just goes to town on the snare in this one, pretty much fueling the song’s frantic energy.

  • Editors | You Are Fading (live in Tempe, 2/12/08)
  • Editors | You Are Fading (via)

Rob Dickinson, live in Scottsdale, Part II

Of the 12 songs Rob Dickinson ended up playing, exactly half were Catherine Wheel tracks, including the great songs on this post: Crank, Black Metallic and Future Boy. The oft-repeated requests for Paranoia, a B-side to a Ma Solituda CD single, were left unfulfilled.

I did leave in some of the banter before Future Boy, when Dickinson is talking about sticking around for the meet and greet and wondering if anyone wants to get “some breasts signed or something like that. … Not that I do shit like that.” Good interplay with the audience.

If you missed it yesterday, Chromewaves has more Dickinson goodness. And thanks to Frank for the link.

Rob Dickinson, live at Anderson’s 5th Estate, 1/26/06:

8. Intelligent People
9. Crank*
10. Towering and Flowering
11. Black Metallic*
12. Future Boy* (encore, even if he never left the stage)

* – Catherine Wheel songs.

Rob Dickinson, live in Scottsdale, Part I

Thursday’s Rob Dickinson show at Anderson’s Fifth Estate in Scottsdale, Ariz., felt strangely like a time warp. People in line outside the club were talking about Catherine Wheel’s Tempe, Ariz., concert in 1995 (my God, has it been 11 years?), and the once-hip kids are now parents who made baby-sitting arrangements before the show. Man, back in the day we’d be pre-show drinking.

That has to make a curious crossroads for Dickinson, whose trying to attract new fans to his solo work while appeasing the Catherine Wheel old-timers. Dickinson, who played solo and acoustic, seemed acutely aware of his CW faithful by playing a pretty balanced set, explaining that a couple of songs from his solo debut Fresh Wine for the Horses had “the ghost of the Wheel” in them.

I admire that Dickinson appears to accept his past instead of stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that the 100-plus fans at the show were there, at least in part, to hear some Catherine Wheel. (I, for one, was thrilled he played Black Metallic.) At the same time, Fresh Wine is growing on me and deserves to stand on its own merit.

Dickinson was kind enough to chat, sign autographs and take pictures with fans after the show. It seemed odd that the man behind Catherine Wheel would be standing in a meet-and-greet line. Regardless, I used the opportunity to ask his permission to post mp3s of the taped show; he kindly obliged.

For more on Rob Dickinson, check out Chromewaves today.

(Fair warning: One guy, bless his heart, kept yelling “We love you, Rob!” To his credit, Dickinson seemed somewhat amused.)

Rob Dickinson, live at Anderson’s 5th Estate, 1/26/06:
1. Heal*
2. The Storm
3. Oceans
4. My Name is Love
5. Ma Solituda*
6. Handsome
7. Eat My Dust You Insensitive Fuck*

* – Catherine Wheel songs.

(Note: Recording was made with my Sony MZ-M10 minidisc; imported as WAV with Hi-MD WAV importer for Mac; enhanced, converted to mp3 using Audio Hijack Pro. Do you see how much I care for you? … Where appropriate, I left banter/discussion from Dickinson, who has a very down-to-earth demeanor on stage.)

Rogue Wave live in Phoenix, Part I

Thursday night’s Rogue Wave show at Modified was everything I expected and then some. Before I get to that, I gotta say what a great time I had. For starters, I met a reader (what’s up, Ben!) and Rogue Wave’s tour manager, Jamie, couldn’t have been nicer, giving me full permission to tape the show. Also thanks to Richard at Greenhouse Productions, who helped a taping newbie out with a few tips (and some tape) for my minidisc.

As for Rogue Wave, I’m telling you, people, this band is destined for big things. Their chemistry is undeniable, and it’s obvious how much they enjoy playing. There’s hardly a hint of pretension Rogue Wave and the music is almost better live than on CD, and there’s not many bands you can say that about.

Also, Zach’s voice carries very well and the sound is incredibly polished. OK, I’m done with the superlatives. But now I can’t wait to see them open for Nada Surf on Feb. 20 in Tempe.

On to the music. I was going to upload this as one large file, but I split it, thinking smaller files were a lot more manageable; I preserved any meaningful banter between band/audience.

(For the record: Recorded on a Sony MZ-10 minidisc using Sony ECM-DS70P microphone. I imported with Sony’s wav importer software for Mac and converted to mp3 using LAME.)

Part II coming at some point later today.

Rogue Wave, live at Modified, Phoenix, Dec. 15, 2005:

1. Bird on a Wire
2. Every Moment
3. Sewn Up
4. Falcon Settles Me
5. Are You on My Side
6. Publish My Love
7. Catform