Rob Dickinson, live in Scottsdale, Part II

Of the 12 songs Rob Dickinson ended up playing, exactly half were Catherine Wheel tracks, including the great songs on this post: Crank, Black Metallic and Future Boy. The oft-repeated requests for Paranoia, a B-side to a Ma Solituda CD single, were left unfulfilled.

I did leave in some of the banter before Future Boy, when Dickinson is talking about sticking around for the meet and greet and wondering if anyone wants to get “some breasts signed or something like that. … Not that I do shit like that.” Good interplay with the audience.

If you missed it yesterday, Chromewaves has more Dickinson goodness. And thanks to Frank for the link.

Rob Dickinson, live at Anderson’s 5th Estate, 1/26/06:

8. Intelligent People
9. Crank*
10. Towering and Flowering
11. Black Metallic*
12. Future Boy* (encore, even if he never left the stage)

* – Catherine Wheel songs.

5 thoughts on “Rob Dickinson, live in Scottsdale, Part II”

  1. Great Rob Dickinson posts! Just a (former) Arizonan letting you know that someone out here appreciates your posts and hopes you keep up the good work.

  2. Kevin

    Just to say a big thank you all the way from Belgium…, has been quiet a while since Robe passed in Brussels…

    Cheers, love your blog


  3. Thanks for posting these.

    I didn’t expect that level of sound, drive, distortion on songs like Crank; I had figured we’d get soft acoustic versions.

    But yeah, that was a good show.

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