Bon Iver: Skinny Love (live in D.C.)


NPR streamed a Webcast of the Black Mountain/Bon Iver show Tuesday night in Washington D.C. By Wednesday, a podcast of the Bon Iver set was available.

It’s great timing because I just picked up the newly released Bon Iver record, For Emma, Forever Ago (at eMusic on Jagjaguwar). Well, I know it’s not exactly new seeing as how Justin Vernon self-released it last year, but it’s new to me because I didn’t give it a whirl until just this week. And I’m growing obsessed.

I’m sure all the five-dollar adjectives have been used to describe this one, so I won’t even try. It’s music that moves you, for sure. And I’ve only been able to give it my partial attention. It sounds like a record written that could have been written in the cold, isolated woods of Wisconsin … oh, wait. It was.

Here’s Skinny Love from the NPR Webcast. Listen to the full performance here.

And here’s Vernon performing Flume at 89.3 The Current:

Veron also answered some questions for Muzzle of Bees and My Old Kentucky Blog last year.

4 thoughts on “Bon Iver: Skinny Love (live in D.C.)”

  1. Thanks for this live version. The album version kills me: as I wrote, it feels like it scrapes something loose inside. but there are some lyrics that i cannot tell at all what he’s saying so this live version will assumedly help me with that. thanks!

  2. H, lyrics can be found on CD booklet

    K, You can download the whole show at NPR or iTunes. As well, iTunes has a bonus track not avail on eMusic or the CD… and fyi, Justin is playin down in Tucson March 19.

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