Famous L. Renfroe: Children


Can’t tell you much about Famous L. Renfroe, other than a few basic facts: He recorded this record in 1968, providing pretty much every sound save the drums and excellent back-up vocals, and released a limited run of records on his own private press. Beyond that, not much is certain, other than obvious:  This record rules hard.  Renfroe was a pretty eclectic fellow; the songs augment the standard blues form with heavy doses of soul and gospel sounds.

Big Legal Mess, in conjunction with Fat Possum Records, issued the obscure album last year on CD, pressing it this year on vinyl.  I was seized with the desire to hear it after a couple of reliable sources praised it, and ordered it on wax at Zia Record Exchange.  Listen to the MP3 below for some reference, but trust me when I say this gem is best enjoyed spinning on the turntable, sitting in the back yard with a beer, enjoying the beautiful autumn weather.

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