Father John Misty: Nancy From Now On (on Conan)


Nobody does a hip shake in a white suit quite like Father John Misty, eh? Only the man born Josh Tillman would be so bold to wear white after Labor Day. You might ask if I’ve developed a man-crush. It’s very possible.

Tillman and his band performed Monday on Conan, doing the song “Nancy From Now On.”

Fear Fun is the album I’ve turned to most this year. I can’t imagine a song from 2012 that I like better than “Only Son of the Ladiesman” – so much colorful storytelling.

I’m really bummed to have missed his show in Phoenix last month, though I hear his dance moves were impeccable. For the Conan performance, Tillman, as usual, seems to pull off this weird blend of sincerity and snark. He’s definitely not laughing with us – he’s laughing at us. Only I’m not sure what the joke is.

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