Low announces new album, live EP


It takes only a 40-second teaser to get me excited about a new Low album. The Invisible Way – produced by Jeff Tweedy, no less, and recorded in Wilco’s Loft studio this fall – is due for release on March 19 via Sub Pop.

I’m typically turned off by the trend of album teasers. But without the release of a song just yet, this is all we have for now to preview Low’s 10th album and fourth in what’s become an incredible run with Sub Pop (The Great Destroyer, Drums and Guns and C’mon are all equally lovely). The Invisible Way also coincides with the band’s 20th anniversary – quite an accomplishment in itself

Although there’s no album single, the band didn’t leave us totally empty-handed. Low – Plays Nice Places is a six-song live set, featuring a new song, “Waiting,” and can be streamed/downloaded via the widget below.

Here’s the tracklisting:

Words (featuring Benjamin Gibbard)

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