New Cave Singers song: Have to Pretend


I swear I’ve been heaping praise on the Cave Singers for some time now, but it wasn’t until this past summer, when we saw the band at Sail Inn in Tempe, that my wife decided that, hey, maybe I was right all this time: These guys are great.

We had a blast at the show. She bought a shirt and then proceeded to listen to the Cave Singers for about a month straight. So she’ll be more than happy to know that a new album, Naomi, is on the way March 5 via Jagjaguwar. It’ll be the band’s fourth, sticking to an every-other-year release pattern.

Not only did Phil Ek (Built to Spill, Band of Horses, Shins and so on) produce the album, but the Cave Singers welcomed a new member to the band with Morgan Henderson (Blood Brothers, Fleet Foxes) on bass and extra instrumentation.

The first song, “Have to Pretend,” premiered over at KEXP. It’s a punchy number, and I second KEXP’s assertion that the track locks into quite a groove – an airy change of pace from the Cave bros.

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