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New Low: Just Make It Stop


My inbox runneth over this past week. If new tracks from Serengeti, the Besnard Lakes and Telekinesis weren’t enough, we’re also treated to a track from Low, a couple of months after the Minnesota slowcore trio announced details of its forthcoming album, The Invisible Way.

Oh, yeah: Did I mention the album – the band’s 10th – was produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy? Wonderful worlds of music colliding.

Like the press photo above, Low’s drummer Mimi Parker steps to the forefront for vocals on “Just Make It Stop,” one of five songs she takes lead on for the 11-track album, a wonderful development as the band celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Nothing against Alan Sparhawk, who is a badass, but his wife’s voice is a thing of beauty, one of my favorites. Sparhawk also notes the bands increased use of piano on the album – “lots of piano” – and it’s all fully realized here.

The Invisible Way comes out March 19 on Sub Pop. And follow Low on Twitter.

Full track listing for The Invisible Way, via chairkickers.com:

Plastic Cup
So Blue
Holy Ghost
Clarence White
Four Score
Just Make It Stop
On My Own
To Our Knees

Low announces new album, live EP


It takes only a 40-second teaser to get me excited about a new Low album. The Invisible Way – produced by Jeff Tweedy, no less, and recorded in Wilco’s Loft studio this fall – is due for release on March 19 via Sub Pop.

I’m typically turned off by the trend of album teasers. But without the release of a song just yet, this is all we have for now to preview Low’s 10th album and fourth in what’s become an incredible run with Sub Pop (The Great Destroyer, Drums and Guns and C’mon are all equally lovely). The Invisible Way also coincides with the band’s 20th anniversary – quite an accomplishment in itself

Although there’s no album single, the band didn’t leave us totally empty-handed. Low – Plays Nice Places is a six-song live set, featuring a new song, “Waiting,” and can be streamed/downloaded via the widget below.

Here’s the tracklisting:

Words (featuring Benjamin Gibbard)

Retribution Gospel Choir: The Revolution EP

I somehow totally missed this: Retribution Gospel Choir, the rockier side project of Low’s Alan Sparhawk, released a new EP as a free download last month. On Tuesday, Sub Pop birthed a physical release of The Revoltuion EP in 7-inch format – the first new music from the band since the 2010 album 2.

Cough up your email address below to get the four-song, 10-minute EP for free.



The band also released a video for “The Stone (Revolution!),” all full of hand claps and marching-band bass drums.

Retribution Gospel Choir: Workin’ Hard (video)
Retribution Gospel Choir: Hide It Away

Low: Especially Me (video)

Few voices are as moving and beautiful to me as Mimi Parker’s. So, naturally, I’m a sucker for any Low song that showcases her front and center.

On this new video for Especially Me, off the great new album C’Mon, Parker takes a dizzying ride on the New York City subway, her voice floating perfectly above the fray.

The band will be touring the West Coast in September but unfortunately skipping Arizona on this pass.

Low covers Toto’s Africa on AV Undercover
Low: Try to Sleep (video, feat. John Stamos)