Final Fantasy, Modified, 8/13/06

My favorite violin looping Canadian that calls advanced D&D his muse came to Phoenix last night. Yes, I’m referring to Final Fantasy. I would have posted earlier, but had a little too many Belgium ales. Monks lovingly craft each bottle of pure evil.

The show was wunderbar – Owen (all of us ex-D&D players are on a first name basis) crafts his songs one layer at a time, clicking through a looping pedal with a socked foot. I enjoyed the set and his unassuming jokiness between songs was charming. He played his cover of Joanna Newsom’s song “Peach, Plum, Pear” and that made me smile. When he closed the show he said there would be no encore, when the crowd protested, he replied, “I’ve been working hard up here, you know, you saw it.”

Final Fantasy | CN Tower Belongs to the Dead (rearranged)
Final Fantasy | Many Lives –> 49MP

Thanks to Forrest for having the presence of mind to snap some pictures.

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