Silversun Pickups on WOXY (8/9/06)

Big thanks to Largehearted Boy, who reminded us all about Silversun Pickups’ performance on WOXY last week. I really need a better system to organize these things, but that’s another story.

As if the local concert calendar isn’t already blowin’ up, Silversun Pickups are playing Modified on Oct. 1 with Viva Voce. ‘Bout damn time.

Anyway, there’s been some discussion among us nerds bloggers about Silversun Pickups on the heels of the release of Carnavas. The obvious comparison (which I’ve made myself) is Smashing Pumpkins. Eric made a Nirvana circa Bleach parallel after seeing Silversun at the Midwest Music Summit. In his words: “They were fucking loud.” (Now I really can’t wait to see them.)

Thing is, these comparisons are nothing more than a convenience for us – a way to identify a new band with a familiar sound and name. We do it all the time. Yes, Silversun Pickups recall Smashing Pumpkins, but is that enough to disregard them? That’s simply a starting point. If the descriptions are enough to pull you in, then it’s up to the listener to dig deeper than the surface comparisons. Personally, I find something a little more compact and efficient to Silversun’s sound than, say, Smashing Pumpkins. Not to mention, I never could stand Billy Corgan’s voice in large doses. (And besides, this whole Billy Corgan-looking-like-a-character-in-THX 1138-phase creeps me out.)

Anyway, get the full, uncut mp3 (with interview) from WOXY. Thank you, WOXY.

Silversun Pickups, Lounge Acts, 8/9/06:
1. Well Thought Out Twinkles
2. Rusted Wheel
3. Future Foe Scenarios/Kissing Families
(they connected these songs with a synth-driven bridge and I didn’t want to ruin the effect)
4. Lazy Eye

Silversun Pickups Well Thought Out Twinkles video
Silversun Pickups Well Thought Out Twinkles (mp3)
Silversun Pickups on KEXP (9/26/05)

7 thoughts on “Silversun Pickups on WOXY (8/9/06)”

  1. I agree with you that it is way too easy to hear a band and label them ‘Sounds like…” . It is too easy to accept these things and not do your own thinking.

    That being said…I can hear a bit of Smashing Pumpkins in Silversun but I think they deserve to stand on their own without preconceptions. Try to hear a band that is new to you and resist labeling them.

    I saw Silversun Pickups a week ago when they came through Boston. I had only heard a few songs on WMBR that week and was intrigued enough to want to see them.

    Page France opened up rather ably and then Silversun came on and blew me away. Yes, they are loud. Earplugs are recommended. There were some real magic moments created. They are back in town in October with Viva Voce and I definitely want another taste.

    Others may disagree but they reminded me a little of Film School, another loud band that can really blow the roof off a club, in a very good way.

  2. These guys put on a great live show, and what I liked the most was that the Smashing Pumpkins sound kind of disappears when they play live. They really developed their own sound a a fantastic live show. I love the record, but the live show ranks as one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

    They opened for Ladyhawk and Jason Molina here in Vancouver (and the club flooded after their set) and everyone was blown away. Super nice people too.

    We did an interview with Chris, the drummer:

  3. I also hear Breeders and Pixies on some tracks, not that it matters. The band blows me away whatever the undertones…

  4. heard the band.. they’re pretty good.. but not comparable to smashing pumpkins tho.. voice reminds me of coheed & cambria’s singer..

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