Flashback Friday … to Thursday night

Zach Miller (left) tells Derek Hagan he’s the man.

As predicted, my Arizona State Sun Devils rolled over Temple Thursday night 63-16. I guess that’s why you schedule Temple for your first game of the season.

What was supposed to be ASU’s weakness — the rushing game — turned into a major surprise. The Devils racked up 300 yards on the ground as a team. And found a star in the making: True freshman Keegan Herring, a local boy from Peoria, Ariz., carried 12 times for 134 yards, setting an ASU running back record for a debut. (Previously Woody Green with 117 yards vs. Houston in 1971.) Granted, it was Temple, but still …

Keegan Herring goes off for 134 yards on Thursday.
Next week gets absurdly tougher: No. 5 Louisiana State. The game is scheduled to be played in Baton Rouge, but it could be moved to Tempe because of the Katrina aftermath. Obviously, it’s hard to get pumped up for this game — or any game, for that matter — given what’s happening in the South. For everyone’s sake, this game should probably be moved. I can’t imagine LSU officials hosting a football game in the midst of victims seeking refuge in their city.

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday … to Thursday night”

  1. Kill anonymous. Hey Kevin, I’ve been singing the praises of Keegan Herring ever since I’ve been attending PHS games since his Junior year (my nephew was a linebacker at PHS). He can turn into the best running back to ever come out of ASU. The things I saw him do in two years are just too amazing to describe. He is the real deal.

    Danny Fox

  2. Hey, Danny. (Gotta get to that blog spam there today.) Glad to hear that about Herring. I couldn’t believe some of the cuts he was making, and his decision-making on the fly seems very fluid. Of course, I know he’s a track stud, so his speed is without question. That would be excellent if he shored up the tailback spot to leave Rudy Burgess free to roam. … Thanks for checking in!

  3. What he did was but a preview of what is to come. He toyed with defenders in high but it was just that, high school. There is another running back that I think is walking on that is very good from PHS so that gives you an idea of there potent running game. Sit back and enjoy our running game this year.

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