For the last time: Radar Bros., Letdownright and Soft Drink at Yucca Tap Room

When Charlie at Stateside Presents let me jump on tonight’s Radar Brothers show as a way to promote this blog’s five-year anniversary, I had big plans: Q&As and maybe some acoustic sessions with the local openers – Letdownright and Soft Drink.

But as it often happens, life gets in the way, and a job that requires I keep late-night hours and a bit of an irregular sleeping schedule has made it harder to keep up with regular posts. So it’s weirdly fitting that I’m cramming one last post in about the five-year anniversary show a mere five hours before it begins.

I suppose, then, there’s something to be said that the blog has lasted this long. Arbitrary a milestone as it may be, I’m proud to have endured through countless promo e-mails, broken-down hard drives and long hours in front of a computer. And whenever I think it’s time to pull the plug, someone tells me they love a song I posted or discovered a band through the site – and, well, that was the whole point of creating this site in the first place.

I’ll spare you some drawn-out, state-of-the-blog missive – there is a show in a few hours, after all – but I will say thanks to the people who continue to read the site and the other bloggers that supported it from the get-go and continue to link to it. Big thanks to Soft Drink and Letdownright for playing tonight (sample their wares below) and to Jason Woodbury for DJing the show and contributing multiple times to this blog.

Most important of all, thanks to my wife, Annie, who has been ever supportive and encouraging of this endeavor, even when it steals some of our quality time.

6 thoughts on “For the last time: Radar Bros., Letdownright and Soft Drink at Yucca Tap Room”

  1. Great blog. Always enjoy reading it. Not sure if you remember but I came up to you at the Frightened Rabbit show at Rhythm Room and thanked you for turning me on to the band through. And then you bought me a PBR. So pretty much the best blog ever!

  2. I’m just sorry I barely came across this blog this year. You do great work Kevin, and it’s a pleasure to link mine to it as often as I do. You give me something to emulate whenever I post.

    Seeya tonight!

  3. Congratulations. Glad to be a SoMuchSilence reader and now friend. I hope the show goes over big time.

  4. Yes, excellent posts! I have discovered so much great music though your blog.

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