Radar Brothers on Daytrotter

radar brothers-daytrotter

In a strange case of impeccable timing, the fine folks at Daytrotter on Monday posted a Radar Brothers session that was recorded in March at South By Southwest.

That works out nicely, considering Jim Putnam and Co. will be playing Yucca Tap Room on Wednesday, a night we’ll be celebrating this blog’s five-year anniversary. That’s a free show that also includes local favorites Letdownright and Soft Drink.

For the Daytrotter session, Radar Brothers performed three songs, all from their newest album, The Illustrated Garden: Chickens, Dear Headlights and Horses Warriors. Head to the Daytrotter site to check it out. And then come to Wednesday’s show, officially put on by Stateside Presents.

And thanks to my Albert Ching and Martin Cizmar at New Times for running this item on the show.

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