Friday night: Phantogram and Josiah Wolf at Rips

A dead tour van earlier in the week had me worried that Phantogram might not make it across the country in time for Friday night’s Phoenix show at Rips Ales & Cocktails (venue change from original announcement). But the problem appears to be solved and the show will go on (with three exclamation points, no less).

Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel make up Phantogram, but the duo has added a third member for the tour – Tim Oakley (The Mathematicians) on drums, samples, and Akai MPC. Even if the debut LP, Eyelid Movies, leans a bit to the electro side of things – which typically ain’t my bag – the music is set in a foundation of beats that appeals to me. No surprise considering Barthel’s affinity for hip-hop.

Josiah Wolf of WHY? opens the 21-and-over show.

2 thoughts on “Friday night: Phantogram and Josiah Wolf at Rips”

  1. Phantogram with Why? Sounds like a terrific show. Yoni Wolf lives in my neighborhood and I keep hoping, to no avail, that I might run into his so I can lavish him with compliments and flirtations.

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