New Rival Schools: Shot After Shot (video)


Ten years after the release of their debut United By Fate, the dudes in Rival Schools decided to get back together and release some new material. Shot After Shot is the first taste of an album, Pedals, that is due for release in March.

Combined with the reunion of Far, this is all starting to feel like I’m opening a bizarre post-punk time capsule I’ve unearthed in my own backyard. Still, as I’ve said before, Rival Schools frontman Walter Schreifels has earned a lifetime free pass from me (mostly for the influence of Quicksand) and guitarist Ian Love was the subject of this blog’s very first Q&A.

Weirdly – or maybe not? – Shot After Shot sounds like, well, a Rival Schools song that should have come out in 2003. It could just be that Schreifels’ voice evokes a feeling of a certain time period for me, so I’m eager to hear the rest and see if the band reignites a new feeling or if 10 years is too long to make up for lost time.

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