Frightened Rabbit on Daytrotter


With Frightened Rabbit expected to release an album – The Winter of Mixed Drinks – on March 9 (album artwork abovve), I’m a little surprised the band didn’t offer anything new for its recent Daytrotter session, like the first single, Swim Until You Can’t See Land.

Not that I’m complaining. The four-song set includes three tracks off my 2008 favorite The Midnight Organ Fight, and the band even reached back to its debut, Sing the Greys, to dust off The Go-Go Girls.

According to the band’s label, Fat Cat, here is the tracklisting for The Winter of Mixed Drinks:

01 Things
02 Swim Until You Can’t See Land
03 The Loneliness and the Scream
04 The Wrestle
05 Skip the Youth
06 Nothing Like You
07 Man/Bag of Sand
08 Foot Shooter
09 Not Miserable
10 Living in Colour
11 Yes, I Would

You can also catch tireless frontman Scott Hutchison performing an Oxjam set in Edinburgh for Off the Beaten Tracks.

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