Jimmy Eat World (?!), Source Victoria, Reubens Accomplice, El Oso Negro at Modified tonight

In what is shaping up to be a show I’ll regret missing for years to come (thanks, work), it appears Jimmy Eat World is playing a full-band “secret” show tonight at Modified as the venue winds down its 11-year run as an indie music venue.

Though not officially announced by the band as I type this, Jimmy Eat World did send out this tweet earlier today: “Stay tuned today for a surprise announcement. If you live in PHX and have plans for tonight, cancel them.” And, well, it’s in the press now, too.

So, if you’ve never seen Jimmy Eat World at a 150-person venue (I did … back in the Clarity years), now’s your chance. Reubens Accomplice, Source Victoria and Ian Stupar of El Oso Negro will play acoustic sets prior to JEW’s performance. Should be epic. Someone please take lots of video.

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