Glenn Kotche: “Mobile”

Of all the reviews, wrap-ups and write-ups I read about the Pitchfork Music Festival, one glaring omission from nearly all of them (including my own) was the set in the Biz 3 tent by Glenn Kotche, also known as the drummer for Wilco.

Having once aspired to play drums myself, I’ve been enthralled by Kotche in the Wilco setting. On stage, he’s focused and passionate; to me, he’s the most inspiring part to watch from the Wilco shows I’ve seen. Go back and listen to the drum work on I Am Trying to Break Your Heart for an example.

This year brought the release of his third solo release, Mobile (on Nonesuch), a riveting and disciplined collection of interpretive percussion work.

We watched Kotche’s live set at Pitchfork from behind the stage, where it still seemed impossible to take in the scope of his performance. (For the record, all members of Wilco, save for Jeff Tweedy, at least from what we could tell, were on hand.) He had drums, chimes, carved-up cymbals and doo-hickeys that looked like fruit baskets. There might even have been a laptop, too.

Despite the jammy/improvisational mask his music wears, you get the feeling Kotche meticulously maps out every note and movement. No sound seems wasted.

Glenn Kotche | Individual Trains

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  1. It was a great set–I saw it from about the same place you must have. Tweedy was there, though, with his two kids, as well.

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