Phoenix concert update

So, I’ve had too much to drink tonight because we went out with some really good friends. For the time being, I thought I’d point out the mess of great shows coming to our Phoenix/Tempe area. Wow. Pretty insane. Although, I’m a little upset with the Decemberists for booking Tucson and not Phoenix. Um, hello! Yeah, we’ll talk about that later, Colin.

My bro and I have our eyes on next week’s Clientele show at the Rhythm Room.

Our friend Forrest (who kinda knows this guy) bought tickets for the Ladytron/CSS show on Oct. 24.

Birdmonster and Division Day play Modified on Aug. 19. We’ll be in Vegas, drinking and gambling.

Local favorites Reubens Accomplice play Modified Aug. 31.

The Long Winters, whose Commander Thinks Aloud I’m listening to right now, is coming Sept. 12 to the Rhythm Room.

The motherfucking Black Keys are in town on Sept. 16, but we’ll be in Austin for the ACL festival. Damn!

Fruck! Serious dilemma: Rogue Wave and Ratatat play the same night at different venues. This rarely happens in Phoenix. I’m leaning toward Rogue Wave right now.

Maritime, whose We, The Vehicles I am loving, comes to town Sept. 26. Then Jose Gonzalez on Oct. 4. Holy hell. Thank you to Stateside Presents for the goodness.

Yeah, and then Damien Jurado is coming to Modified Oct. 16.

And, oh, Saturday night a couple members of that band called the Arcade Fire are guesting as DJs at Shake!

More proper (read: sober) posts coming today …

5 thoughts on “Phoenix concert update”

  1. hahaha too much drinking eh. Yeah i told myself the same thing, BIG POST LATER…

    it’s now 6 PM bitch. where my new muther fucking post!

    hehe love you! when are you and annie coming to LA again?

  2. Yeah. Didn’t quite get around to that post today. Damn.

    LA … hmmmmm, the National (and Baby Dayliner!) are playing the Troub in October again! Hey oooooo! We may go for that. Deja vu.

  3. I had not heard that the Long Winters were coming.

    Also, when I went about confirming/looking for other updates I heard that Magnolia Electric Co is playing the Modified on October 3rd so that pretty much makes my weekend.

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