Go Vote 2006: Jimmy Eat World/the Format

Whatever you think of Jimmy Eat World (dude, I know, Clarity was totally their best album), you have to appreciate the group’s generous track record of musical philanthropy.

In August, JEW played Scotti-Stock III, a benefit for a former owner of a popular Tempe club/venue who is in need of a liver transplant. This time on Oct. 19, our hometown boys are headlining Go Vote 2006 (via Stateside Presents), which is serving as a fund-raiser to support Harry Mitchell for U.S. Congress in District 5 of Arizona. Mitchell, a former Tempe mayor and councilman and member of the Arizona senate, is running against 12-year Republican incumbent (and former sportscaster … seriously) J.D. Hayworth, who, among other things, is caught up in the Jack Abramoff mess because he accepted more than $100,000 in gifts from Indian tribes once represented by Abramoff. (Hayworth sadly attempts to defend his own honor.)

District 5 includes Tempe so, naturally, the show will be held at the Clubhouse in Tempe. Also on the bill: the Format, Stiletto Formal and Monique Reagan. Just a wild guess: It will be freaking packed. Get your tickets.

Jimmy Eat World | You
(An “exclusive track” off a Grand Rapids, Mich., radio station compilation.)

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2 thoughts on “Go Vote 2006: Jimmy Eat World/the Format”

  1. Now, you do know how I feel about The Format, right? PLEASE go to this show. I forget if you’ve seen ’em before, but The Format is great and you will love them live.

    I saw Jimmy Eat World once and I was by far the oldest person there. I was 26 at the time. I’m just sayin’.

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