Scissors for Lefty

Just spent some time catching up on the TiVo, which included this past week’s episode of CSI (we only watch the Vegas version in this household). In the episode, one of the deaths involved a left-hander using a chainsaw and actually killing himself from the kickback because the chainsaw was designed for right-handers. Gil Grissom, the Mr. Miyagi of the CSIs, tells visiting students to the crime lab that 2,500 left-handers die every year due to accidents related to mishandling of instruments made for right-handers.

Pretty scary statistic if you’re left-handed, which I happen to be. (Note to self: Don’t use chainsaw.) You righties just don’t get it. You don’t get pencil/pen smeared on your hand when you write. When I was young, I couldn’t use all the scissors the others kids used. No, I had “special” scissors. They had green rubbery material where you put your fingers; they said “lefty” on them. Branded for life. Those college desks attached to chairs? What side does the desk accommodate? Yeah, the right side. It’s a lonely existence. As this Wikipedia entry states: “Left-handed people are placed at a constant disadvantage by society.” (I bolded that for emphasis.)

Finally, a band comes along and empathizes. Names itself Scissors for Lefty. How can I not like them? They’re from San Francisco and have a four-song EP available in the U.S. and a full-length, Underhanded Romance, out in the U.K., which is sorta fitting because there’s a pretty heavy Brit-dance-pop feel going on here. They also just played a few dates with So Much Silence favorite Baby Dayliner, so you know it’s hot.

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