“God damn that DJ made my day”

In trying to keep up with Chris at Gorilla vs. Bear, I’m not taking Sunday off (and for the record, a gorilla would win in a landslide).

I’m going to keep the hip-hop rolling here. Last night, we went out with our good friend Jay to a hip-hop night called The Shop. It had been awhile (too long) since we’d done the drinking/DJ thing. The deejays dropped some serious good-time tunes, including some Tribe, 3rd Bass and Black Moon. And so it’s my duty to pass along the old-school vibes.

Enjoy. (On a side note, I’m getting a root canal — ugh — this Thursday. The endodontist told me I could bring my iPod. Any soothing suggestions for a Root Canal Playlist?)

3rd Bass — Wordz of Wisdom
Black Moon — Who Got the Props?
The Bizzie Boyz — Droppin’ It

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