Guilty Simpson: Man’s World

Stones Throw is stepping up its already-fantastic podcast by starting to offer single-track episodes.

The first comes from Detroit’s Guilty Simpson on a track called Man’s World, produced by the late/great J. Dilla. The sample borrows – perhaps a little obviously – from James Brown’s It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World. Though for all the James Brown samples out there, I’m not sure I’ve heard this one used.

Guilty Simpson (one of the best MC monikers out there?) uses the sample as an autobiographical hook about growing up, maturing and feeling out his relationship with his dad. “I was his son but ya didn’t really know me / I lived life pretending things was rosy.”

Subscribe to the Stones Throw podcast via iTunes. In case you were worried, you know Stones Throw comes correct: The Man’s World mp3 comes through at 160 kbps.

Check out the Stones Throw jukebox for more, including Jaylib’s The Mission (Stringed Out remix) from the Champion Sound reissue (released June 19).

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