Pitchfork Festival sampler at eMusic

Pitchfork has teamed up with eMusic to promote its festival in Chicago, July 13-15 this year. We went last year and had a ton of fun (Spank Rock’s set was amazing). Not sure if we’re going this year. The bank is being drained by trips to Michigan (this weekend for a wedding) and New York (in September for a wedding). Though the thought of GZA performing the whole of Liquid Swords is almost enough to take on a little debt, eh?

In any event, eMusic is offering a 16-song free sampler of some of the artists at this year’s festival, including the Ponys (awesome), Menomena (awesomer) and Cadence Weapon (awesomest).

Get the sampler here. I’ll even help you get started.

And here’s the video for Sharks:

And now I’m off to Michigan.

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