Hang Me Up To Dry (Ingo Star Cruiser Remix)

OK, so maybe everyone really is a DJ. I stumbled across this remix of Cold War Kids’ Hang Me Up to Dry while just trolling around the Internet for nothing in particular. Ingo Star Cruiser? Never heard of him … her … them?

Well, his name is Pete Ingo. He’s from London. He has a MySpace page. And I assume he’s a legitimate musician/DJ/whatever. He looks just like that guy in the photo, too.

I’m guessing this isn’t an officially sanctioned remix. Nevertheless, Ingo drops the Cold War Kids smack dab in the middle of a sweaty club dance floor on this one. As with many remixes, the tempo is jacked up considerably, though the tone of the bass line – the foundation on the original – still anchors the proceedings here.

In case you were curious, the BPM is 125. Ooooh, the strobe lights are making me dizzy!

  • Cold War Kids | Hang Me Up To Dry (Ingo Star Cruiser Remix)

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