The Cave Singers: Seeds of Night


I’ve been pretty smitten with this single from the Cave Singers’ forthcoming album Invitation Songs (out Sept. 25 on Matador).

In fact, I sent the link for the mp3 to a co-worker, who, much to my dismay, was not into it. She said she “didn’t get it.” I’m not sure what there is to get, really, other than it being a pretty gorgeous piece of indie folk – and not in that sad/sappy sucker kind of way. Something compels me to invoke a Jayhawks comparison, though I’m not confident that’s entirely accurate.

Anyway, I also got my hands on the 7-inch that contains the unreleased B-side After the First Baptism. You can buy it here for $3.

The Cave Singers are opening for Black Mountain on Oct. 21 at Modified in Phoenix.

  • The Cave Singers | Seeds of Night

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