Honeycut: “The Day I Turned to Glass”

As hip-hop labels go, few are as progressive and forward-thinking as Quannum (once known as Sole Sides), home to DJ Shadow, Blackalicious, Latyrx, etc. The label already pushes the bounds of hip-hop and lately Quannum is branching beyond that.

Did you miss the great General Elektriks album Cliquety Kliqk last year? Boo on you. Herve Salters (he’s French; sorry, accent on the second ‘e’ in Herve) was the man behind that piece of snyth-driven electro-hop; the track Central Park, with dense layers of beats, synths and abstract nuances, is a gem.

Salters is now pushing his side project, Honeycut. On The Day I Turned to Glass, Salters still cuts/pastes/experiments, but the arrangements take on a more traditional pop-song form, fleshed out by soul-inspired vocals (Bart Davenport) and drum programming (Tony Sevener). Live strings and horns also come into play.

The first single, Shadows, weaves strings in and out of Davenport’s near-falsetto voice and driving drums. It’s an invigorating tune that leaves the potential for remixes wide open.

The Day I Turned to Glass comes out Sept. 26 on Quannum Projects.

Honeycut | Shadows

3 thoughts on “Honeycut: “The Day I Turned to Glass””

  1. Hey there Kevin,

    April from IODA here. Came across your post on Honeycut (I agree, great stuff) and just wanted to let you know (if you weren’t aware already) that Honeycut has a promotrack available, so you could easily jazz up the entry with a free download.


  2. Kevin,

    Ok, nevermind. I completely overlooked that link to Shadows at the bottom. Le sigh. I’m only only my first cup o coffe for the day, please forgive instead: thanks for using that promotrack!!

    deepest apoligies,

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