The Long Winters, live on KEXP

The Long Winters’ new album, Putting the Days to Bed, slowly has been growing on me. I became pretty wrapped up with the Ultimatum EP (especially The Commander Thinks Aloud thanks to Chris’ persistence), which was my introduction to John Roderick. The good thing about that is once I wear out Putting the Days to Bed, I’ll have older albums to catch up with, and they’ll seem new – to me.

As for this KEXP set, Roderick seems to be about the nicest guy in rock. The group’s appearance lasts 50-plus minutes, a performance heavy on the new stuff – including playing the first three songs off Putting the Days to Bed to start. It makes me sad that I’ll miss their show Sept. 12 at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix. Boo work!

On a final note, the more I ponder the title of the album, Putting the Days to Bed, the more depressing I find it, like some sad concession to a rote life or an admission to just getting through it for the sake of … nothing. From the song Hindsight: “Did you say what you wanted said, and now you’re just putting the days to bed.”

The Long Winters, live on KEXP, 8/14/06:
1. Pushover
2. Fire Island, AK
3. Teaspoon
4. Honest
5. Ultimatum
6. Clouds
7. Seven
8. Car Parts

Indie Interviews chatted via e-mail with Roderick about lyrics on Putting the Days to Bed. Great job by Garrison.

If you haven’t seen already, WOXY will cease to exist. And that just blows.”This is the moment all of us hoped would never come. After plugging away at this for the past two years, it’s become pretty clear that operating as a stand-alone Internet “radio station” is not going to cut it. Our operating costs are higher than you might think, and the revenue we were able to generate from advertising isn’t close to supporting what we’re doing.”

Radio Indie Pop is streaming TV on the Radio’s Return to Cookie Mountain.

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  1. I’ve been indiebloghopping for so long but I’ve never tried tuning in to WOXY despite the many praises. I’ll forever regret that.

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