I Used to Love H.E.R.: Van Pierszalowski
(Port O’Brien)

The 44th installment of I Used to Love H.E.R., a series in which artists/bloggers/writers discuss their most essential or favorite hip-hop albums and songs, comes from singer Van Pierszalowski of Oakland-based indie-folk band Port O’Brien, which just wrapped up a seven-week tour in support of its excellent 2009 album Threadbare. Having talked to Pierszalowski at the band’s recent Phoenix show, I can tell you his enthusiasm for Lil Wayne is absolutely sincere.

tha carter IIILil Wayne, Tha Carter III
(Cash Money, 2008)

In my view, this is quite obviously one of the finest records of any genre of the decade. I’ve listened to it non-stop since it came out, and I’m still discovering things. It’s so dense, in a good way. I first heard “A Milli” on the radio before the album came out, and I hated it. I just thought it was annoying and lacked any sort of hook. After I fell in love with the more easily accessible singles and bought the album, that song all of a sudden made sense, which is the sign of a good record. The record is just littered with amazing lyrical moments. The part that hit me first might have been “I got Summer hatin’ on me cause I’m hotter than the Sun. Got Spring hatin’ on me ’cause I ain’t never sprung. Winter hatin’ on me ’cause I’m colder than y’all. And I would never, I would never, I would never fall.” Another thing I love about this record is how Weezy can also just be hilarious as fuck.

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(Port O’Brien)”

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