In Tempe tonight: Scottie-Stock III

The local Phoenix/Tempe music community is pulling together tonight for a benefit show at the Marquee Theatre for Mark Covert, who owned Nita’s Hideaway, which used to be the best club for live music in the Valley.

Covert is in need of a liver transplant, and a Phoenix New Times story details his battle. As the story points out, his reputation is held in high regard as evidenced by tonight’s lineup: Jimmy Eat World, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Less Pain Forever vs. Peachcake, Dead Hot Workshop, Gloritone and the Minibosses, among others.

The number of amazing shows I saw at Nita’s Hideaway (especially at its old, original location) blows my mind when I stop to think about it: Built to Spill, Jimmy Eat World, Neko Case, No Knife, DJ Swamp, who absolutely wrecked the turntables and cracked a record, half of which I caught (and still have). That’s not to mention the weekly visits I paid to the Bombshelter DJs (Z-Trip, Radar and Emile).

I was introduced to bands (and lots of alcohol) at Nita’s. It was a cozy club, tucked in Tempe’s industrial area, next to an adult bookstore. There were shows inside and biggers ones outside: I can remember being a bit tipsy, requesting (loudly) over and over for Built to Spill to play The Plan much to the chagrin of my then-girlfriend (and now wife) Annie. I also remember thinking I’d go see Calexico there once without purchasing tickets in advance. Big mistake: I couldn’t find parking and got so frustrated I drove back home.

Anyone who’s played music in Phoenix/Tempe in the past 10 years probably owes some sort of debt of gratitude to Covert and Nita’s, which eventually moved to a new location before closing a few years back.

The full lineup is available here, and you can buy tickets (or make donations) here. Click here for the Donate Life Web site.

A few mp3s to encourage attendance:

Jimmy Eat World | Lucky Denver Mint (live)
Gloritone | Die to Make a Dent
Peachcake | Hundreds and Hundreds of Thousands

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