G. Love w/Blackalicious “Banger”

I have to be honest here: I haven’t listened to G. Love since that self-titled debut G. Love and Special Sauce. Come on, don’t act like Cold Beverage wasn’t the jam. Because it was. You’ll feel a lot better about life once you just admit that. We’re all friends here.

Well, G. Love just dropped a new album, Lemonade, on Aug. 1 (yeah, I didn’t know either) on Brushfire Records, which is somehow affiliated with Jack Johnson. But relax, cool indie hipster kids, and hear me out: This track, Banger, has the indisputable champs, Blackalicious, on it. The new album also has a guest spot from Ben Harper. Cheap sales ploy? Maybe, but, really, who hasn’t done it? Besides, anyone down with Blackalicious is cool by me. I’m not here to be the indie police.

Banger brings the funk – wah-wah-style keys and bluesy harmonica over a taut beat. It’s not really fair to compare G. Love’s raps to Gift of Gab because Gift of Gab can blow anyone away, much less a blues-lovin’ white kid from Philadelphia.

G. Love feat. Blackalicious | Banger

6 thoughts on “G. Love w/Blackalicious “Banger””

  1. Don’t be a fool. All the albums are friggin awesome. This new one is good stuff as well.. Banger is a wicked mean track. Give Lemonade a listen and it will grow on ya, and if you missed any of the old albums ckeck those out as well. You won’t be disapointed my friend..

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