Parental Discretion Iz Advised

This has to be one of the most genius interpretations of edited audio I’ve ever come across. A friend sent me this link, which contains mp3s of N.WA.’s classic Straight Outta Compton edited down to just the explicit portions of each song. I might say this person had too much time on his or her hands if I didn’t enjoy it so much.

From a shock-value standpoint alone, Straight Outta Compton stands as a watershed album. It scared parents of suburban white kids everywhere. (I think my mom was more concerned with Public Enemy’s By the Time I Get to Arizona, fearful that Chuck D., Flavor Flav, Termniator X and the Security of the First World might actually raid our home state.)

But on top of that, N.W.A. pretty much set the course for so-called gangsta rap, and it seemed swearing on record was part and parcel of wearing that crown. But I was surprised to learn that five of the 13 songs on Straight Outta Compton are clean, including Express Yourself, whose title seems to contradict its curse-less verses.

No surprise on the explicit-content edits that Fuck Tha Police is 42 seconds, longest of any of the songs, with a 12.1 percent “ECR” (or explicit content ratio).

Click here for all the tracks. Just for fun, N.W.A.’s Express Yourself video:

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