Incoming: Bloc Party and the Soft Pack, Dec. 14

It seems so strange to say it, but I’m really on the fence about going to see Bloc Party on Sunday at Marquee Theatre. (Buy tickets.)

If you picture a line chart, you’d see my interest rapidly declining in correlation with each release. I realize it’s only three albums, but my initial reaction upon hearing Intimacy only proved to justify why I procrastinated listening to the album in the first place – my predicted disappointment came true. I know it’s a snobby and elitist thing to say that, dude, the new record totally isn’t as great as the first one. But, seriously, dude, the new record totally isn’t as great as the first one. Not by a long shot. I’m so disheartened by this move to a more electro-heavy sound; Matt Tong’s ridiculous drum skills seem wasted. And, really, how predictable (and weary) is it to include remixes by CSS and XXXChange?

About the only thing keeping me slightly intrigued is the chance to see the Soft Pack (formerly the Muslims) in the opening slot, a band we missed on the first day of the San Diego Street Scene.

Catch the video for the Muslims’ the Soft Pack’s Extinction below:

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