Incoming: Calexico, Feb. 4 at Corona Ranch


In the wake of the horrific events from Tucson, it seems only natural that we seek a comforting voice, a familiar sound. It is, to say the least, dispiriting to see Arizona’s image get hammered across the nation. And so how lucky are we to be represented by Calexico?

Martin Cizmar, music editor at the Phoenix New Times, has a great interview with frontman Joey Burns about Tucson’s unfortunate turn in this spotlight, the band’s connection with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Calexico’s show on Feb. 4 at Corona Ranch – a concert that undoubtedly will be a unique and unifying experience.

Of course, no band is better suited for the case. Besides absolutely nailing the soundtrack of Sonoran living, Calexico was a favorite of Giffords, who asked the band in 2008 to pick one of its songs as a wake-up call for her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, and his crew.

In Giffords and Calexico – and so much more – we have plenty to be proud of in Arizona.

Calexico: Live in Nuremberg (free download)
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Calexico: Two Silver Trees (video)

One thought on “Incoming: Calexico, Feb. 4 at Corona Ranch”

  1. That’s an amazing place. One of my best friends got married there a couple years ago.
    Enjoy what’s sure to be a truly special show and thanks for reaching out. The condolences coming from so many have really made a difference.

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