Incoming: Open Mike Eagle, Nov. 11 and 12


Los Angeles art-rap purveyor Open Mike Eagle has been through Phoenix at least twice (that I know of) in 2010, and it looks like he’s gonna be here two more times before the year is up.

I was already aware of the Nov. 12 show at the Hidden House in Phoenix – brought to you by Universatile Music – with a couple of the guys from his Swim Team fam, VerBS and Sahtyre. But according to Mike Eagle’s own site, he’s also playing the Sole & the Skyrider Band show on Nov. 11 at Chasers in Scottsdale (a UM and Psyko Steve production).

Mike Eagle was previously discussed a few months back after his excellent debut, Unapologetic Art Rap, came out. But if you want a feel for the raw talent, you gotta check this freestyle video with members of Swim Team (including Eagle rockin’ the captain’s hat). Dumbfounded just slams the friggin’ door at the end: “We do this on the daily, you just do this at award shows.”

Mike Eagle is also posting remixes of tracks from his album over at his site. Unapologetic, which features Nocando, is one of my favorites, and here it gets remixed by Awkward, also the producer of the original.

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