Incoming: Phantogram, Oct. 8

On the heels of its debut LP Eyelid Movies (on Barsuk), Phantogram – the Saratoga Springs, NY, duo of Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel – is setting course on a national headlining tour, including an Oct. 8 stop in Phoenix at Sanctum, a Central Phoenix bar/nightclub/venue I admittedly know nothing about.

I have precious little information about the show, other than Josiah Wolf of WHY? appears to be the opener.

What I do know is that Eyelid Movies is a great album, bringing electronic elements and live instrumentation together in warm and tripped-out fashion. Barthel spelled out her hip-hop influence for us in April, and you can hear it come through on the record (especially on a track like As Far As I Can See)

The duo performed a quite seductive version of When I’m Small in a Toro Magazine studio session. Watch below:

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