The Electronic Anthology Project (aka Built to Spill)

If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, I wonder what Built to Spill songs would sound like re-imagined as synth-filled, 12-inch remixes from the 1980s” – and who hasn’t?? – then you’re in luck.

TwentyFourBit points us in the direction of The Electronic Anthology Project, the rather odd but really awesome brainchild of Built to Spill singer/guitar god Doug Martsch and bassist Brett Nelson (not to be confused with guitarist Brett Netson). Quite simply, the duo has re-recorded seven BtS songs “in the vein of the 80’s 12-inch remix.” Each song even has a new title that is an anagram of its original.

From listening to the three songs available on MySpace – Eels (aka Else), What If Your Dull (I Would Hurt a Fly) and Age I Felt (Get a Life) – this is as fun as it is totally unexpected. The only thing that would make it any better would be for an actual 12-inch pressing of one of the songs, perhaps backed with the original.

Short of that, you can buy the 7-song EP for $10 at CD Baby or at Built to Spill shows, like the one on Oct. 26 at Marquee Theatre.

Check out Eels and the tracklist below (via TwentyFourBit):

The Electronic Anthology Project:
1. I Dim Our Angst In Agony (Goin’ Against Your Mind)
2. Age I Felt (Get A Life)
3. At The Where (The Weather)
4. Eels (Else)
5. What If Your Dull (I Would Hurt A Fly)
6. A Gloss Siren (Israel’s Song)
7. Far Path Tall Sign / (Things Fall Apart)

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