And What You Give Is What You Get
(Paul’s Boutique B-side)



Proof that patience and persistence pay off when it comes to record shopping, I was rewarded with a trip to Half Price Books earlier in the week, when I snagged two N.W.A. 12-inches and a six-song Beastie Boys 12-inch for Shadrach: An Exciting Evening at Home with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. All three are in damn near mint condition, too.

The Shadrach 12-inch contains two Paul’s Boutique tracks – Shadrach and Car Thief – and four non-LP goodies, including And What You Give Is What You Get. In the insanely thorough 33 1/3 book on Paul’s Boutique, author Dan LeRoy writes of the track:

The instrumental version of “Shadrach” boasts a laundry list of new samples, including the riff from Black Flag’s hardcore anthem “Rise Above,” soundbites from various dancehall records and an interjection from comedian George Carlin. Yet although it only appears at the tail end of this mix, the snippet of the Jam’s “Start!” that gives the track its title is the most intriguing lift.

It’s a classic Paul’s Boutique-era cut – just a wild orgy of samples and scratches pieced together perfectly. Makes me wanna revisit the album.

Below is a rip from the 12-inch:

(Images swiped from the late, great B-Side Wins Again.)

8 thoughts on “And What You Give Is What You Get
(Paul’s Boutique B-side)”

  1. could’ve sworn that i heard this on their sounds of science anthology but it’s not on there. regardless, that 2-cd’er is badass. thanks for upping this was good to hear it again (though i still can’t place where i heard it before)

  2. Which Half Priced Books did you go to? I’ve been to the one in Mesa, but never found anything this good. Could be I just haven’t been this lucky either. Great stuff. Thanks.

  3. Jeremy, you’re gonna make me divulge my secret?? It’s the Half Price Books near Paradise Valley Mall, near my ‘hood. Come out sometime and we’ll grab a beer!

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