Incoming: Sea Wolf, May 17 (Tucson)

My punishment for choosing to see Born Ruffians/Cadence Weapon on March 17 in Phoenix over Nada Surf/Sea Wolf in Tempe is this: driving two hours to Tucson on May 17 to see Sea Wolf. Could be worse: Alex Brown Church and Co. could not come to Arizona at all on this first headlining tour for the band.

The show, which kicks off the tour, takes place at Plush, one of my favorite venues in the state, and tickets are scant $7 (buy here). That’s the good news. The bad news is that’s the same night as Cave Singers at Modified. Sigh. Reports from the Sea Wolf show in Tempe were high with praise, so that’s going to be a tough call.

Here’s the video for the fantastic song You’re A Wolf, from the 2007 record Leaves in the River, which, on a drive to Flagstaff, my mom proclaimed is “cool.”:

2 thoughts on “Incoming: Sea Wolf, May 17 (Tucson)”

  1. Hooray Sea Wolf! If you let me bum a ride with you to Tucson, I’ll buy you a chicken fried steak from Cracker Barrel on the way to the concert.

  2. ha.. ironic because I found your site searching the terms “silly wrong but vivid right”.. whereupon “Flagstaff” caught my eye, which is where I live. And it’s always good to have an AZ-insider’s perspective to the good concerts and releasing albums coming up. Thanks for the site/resource — I will be returning. 🙂

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