Mt. Wilson Repeater (Jim Putnam of Radar Bros.)


I’ve enjoyed Auditorium, the new record from the Radar Bros., so much, I’m just now hip to the news that frontman Jim Putnam is putting out a solo project on April 15 under the name Mt. Wilson Repeater.

From what I’ve read, Putnam played every instrument on the self-titled record, due out on Eastern Fiction.

Having streamed it a couple times at Eastern Fiction, the record is mostly instrumental with a little more leg room for experimentation than what you might find on a Radar Bros. record. (Read a quick Q&A at Paper Thin Walls, where Putnam discusses the creative process for the project.)

Though I’m not one for all-instrumental records (or even almost-all-instrumental records), there’s something positively hypnotizing about the way Putnam lulls you in. As a big fan of the Radar Bros., I’m probably biased in that assessment. A friend once offered his opinion of Radar Bros. to me as being “good, but kind of same-y.” Mt. Wilson Repeater definitely has strains of the Radar Bros. sound, but Putnam, who recorded the project himself, allows for some more unorthodox styling – surprising guitar tones and rhythm (Out Country Way) or the subtle inclusion of horns (Tether in the Haze … gorgeous).

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