Indie ringers on your cellphone

… Have you checked out Bliptones? For $1.99 apiece, you can download a whole slew of indie songs for your cell phone: The Decemberists, Death Cab (“ba, baaaaa, this is the sound of settling”), Sleater-Kinney, My Morning Jacket and a bunch more. I went with a DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist ringer.

… Does anyone have thoughts/opinions on the Andy Milonakis Show on MTV? I’m ashamed to say I laughed when I sat down and watched it last week.

… Upcoming local shows:

And, oh yeah, 41 days until Austin.

Just a little weekend treat:

Jurassic 5 | Concrete Schoolyard (Funky Precedent edit)

3 thoughts on “Indie ringers on your cellphone”

  1. i’m not a regular watcher of the andy milonakis show, but i do have to say that i had a hearty chuckle during his vignette with fat joe. “you sank my motherfuckin’ battleship!”

  2. I thought it was kind of funny back when I didn’t know that Andy Milonakis is almost 30 years old. That shit is a lot funnier when you think he’s 15, that’s for sure.

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