20 thoughts on “Iron and Wine/Calexico on NPR”

  1. haha. that cover of wild horses is seriously perfect. not one thing wrong with it. in retrospect, this show was probably one the top 3 of the year behind arcade fire and black keys.

  2. just so you know also, that version of “lays in the reins” is especially unique/rare because that spaniard dude sings on it. he apparently was at this show, and he wasn’t at many shows on this tour.

  3. Awesome. Glad you guys like. Chris, I almost fell out of my chair when that Spaniard guy comes in on Lays in the Reins. His voice is humongous.

    Dodge, change your pants.

  4. this is one of my favourite live shows EVER..i am playing it through for the second time. The elvis track will make the king waken up for a cheeseburger and say ‘who are these kids?’

  5. Amazing! I was excited with the first two earlier, but this post, you’ve out done yourself. Thanks Kevin! It’s going to be an Iron and Wine/Calexico weekend.

  6. who’s singing on all tomorrow’s parties? it sounds like neither sam beam nor the lead singer of calexico.

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