“It’s not really bowling music, you know?”

SourceVictoria, written extensively about here and here, now get some love in The Rep, the weekly entertainment tabloid of The Arizona Republic. It’s a featured called “With the band,” in which the writer hangs for a night with the band members. Dinner and bowling were on the agenda for this story. It’s a good look into the personalities of the guys.

Speaking of, if you live in the Phoenix area, sourceVictoria is playing The Last Exit in Tempe on Saturday night with Tickertape Parade and Let Go.

sourceVictoria Opportunistic
sourceVictoria No Safety in Numbers

One thought on ““It’s not really bowling music, you know?””

  1. In your Arizona band highlights, you should do a Ticker Tape Parade post. Sure, they’re not doing anything groundbreaking or “incredibly” indie, but their sound is tight and that ’03 EP was a pretty darned good listen.

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